Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 1, 2015


I have a new episode of Thread Heads loaded up in this issue. This one is an interview with Doug Chambers who is known as the “pin guy” around these parts. In the interview Doug shares how he got turned onto hat pins and how he has discovered it to be an inexpensive and fun hobby.

My Girl Scouts are doing a very rare thing this summer – they are going to troop camp. I say rare because the vast majority of Girl Scouts attend summer camp as individuals. However, my wife and some other female leaders are taking a large group up from our church to Camp Graham an hour north of Raleigh. We’ve even added two girls to the troop just because they want to go to Scout camp with us. That’s what I’m talking about!

I was sharing with Russell Smart at the Dixie Fellowship that we are going to run our Girl Scout troop next year with B-P’s patrol method. You won’t find this anywhere in the GSA model because most troops consist of 2 moms and maybe 5 girls. It’s going to be a Scouting experiment and somehow I’m going to document and share this with a larger audience.

So while I like to go on about how I’m helping to develop some outdoor campers in our Girl Scout troop I have to confess that this Sunday we are doing a very “girlee” event. We are hosting our 2nd annual Friendship Tea complete with etiquette talk, scones, hot tea and lots of hats and dresses. I’ll be running the photo booth and staying out of the way!

I will try to spend some time next week updating the TOR calendar. Things have been crazy (as usual) this week and a lot has been left on the to-do list.





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