Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 15, 2020

If you are a buyer you will really not notice anything change. In fact you will have more freedom to pay for things on eBay using any method including credit cards or new services like Apple Pay. In fact as a buyer you are welcome to still use PayPal without any interruptions. It’s on the back end for the seller that things will look differently.

For sellers eBay will now take in all money. They will deduct that final value fee and then in a couple of days deposit the sales revenue using a payout method directly to the sellers bank account. So for the sellers PayPal becomes irrelevant as the money will never flow through that service like it has for 20+ years for some of us.

The irony is this will actually kill off some eBay categories. Coins, paper money and adult items will not be allowed to be sold on eBay going forward using managed payments. I can’t explain all the details of why (google it) but it comes down to some processors like Apple Pay have a ban on being used to sell these items so eBay will just choke off those categories.

My auction strategy continues with 110 running on OApatch and 148 auctions on patchsniper. The treadmill I’m trying to stay on is having new auctions list every night. It’s not always possible but I’m working hard to keep up. I’ve even got 148 auctions on 5dollarpatchstore. Who knows this managed payment thing might encourage me to make some further changes to my model.

This definitely won’t be the summer many of us were looking forward to. Many camps are closing and Scouts are trying to find new ways of staying connected. My daughter got invited to join a crew going to Sea Base in June so that will now become a highlight for her. I’ve got Momentum planned for the first week of August.



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