Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 19, 2017

What was interesting about this collection is that it was clearly picked by somebody prior to me getting a call from the family. Even some of the children were surprised at what was left. North Carolina is a small state when it comes to Boy Scout patches so I probably know the collector who got into it and cleaned out the majority of the stuff before I got the leftovers. However, the rule in this hobby is you don’t leave too many bread crumbs behind when you make a buy.

One of the thing I was really happy to get in this deal are some nice 3D pieces that will get placed in my antique mall booth next week. A few things like a beautiful stand up Boy Scout doll I’ve never seen before. There is not much in the collection that I want to keep for my self but I’m thinking about a few of the Philmont pieces.

Speaking of collections I’ve been offering up on eBay the individual pieces of the Kentucky Collection that was featured in the Hot Finds a few weeks ago. I tried selling the whole thing but when that didn’t work it was time to piece it out. I am launching about a dozen auctions each night over the next week to get all that online.

I don’t usually run 20% off sales on eBay but this weekend I’ve got my entire 2015 NOAC inventory on sale. I figure that these pieces are now getting a little age on them so instead of let them sit in my store until 2018 it’s time to move them.





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