George Rodrigue Distinguished Eagle Scout Award patch


In my Friday morning email I had a patch featured that I had never seen and asked for some history on it. it didn’t take long to get a great response!


Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Patches George Rodrigue


Jason………in response to your question about the George Rodrigue Distinguished Eagle Scout Award patch, here are some facts.
George Rodrigue is the noted “Blue Dog” cajun artist who is an eagle scout and was recently awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award in New Orleans.
The patches were made for the Southeast Louisiana Council in New Orleans to give to attendees at the presentation banquet. The patches have the BSA fleur-de-lis on the “Scout” neckerchief and for this the council paid the required fee to National BSA. (I’ll admit the logo looks more like the New Orleans Saints fleur-de-lis but the scout logo looks like that too)


Rodrigue painted this image several years ago and it was donated by the New Orleans council to the National BSA and it is kept in the museum to be shown and toured along with the Norman Rockwell and Csatari paintings in the collection.
Attached is an image of the painting which has been made into a print for the first time to be sold in this next year to benefit the Southeast Louisiana Council and the Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts on a 50:50 basis.


I was on the steering committee for the banquet. If you have any more questions about this patch or event I’ll be happy to talk to you about it.


Yours in Scouting,

Dr R. B. A. (abbreviated to protect privacy)




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