Lodge Totem Grudge Match: Birds versus Indians

Just in the last week on eBay there have been some sales of rare OA patches. Just so happens that as far as lodge totems go that birds and Indians seem to be popular motifs. So for fun we are going to do a head-to-head competition of these two totems from the last week. Who has the best totem when it comes down to $$? In a showdown of the top 5 birds whether they be hawks, songbirds, or parakeets how will they match up with chiefs and braves?


OA 239 Semialachee Pie vs. OA 116 Santee Arrowhead


OA 239 Semialachee WAB Arrowhead vs. OA 3 Nawakwa First Flap


OA 456 Powhatan Jacket Patch vs. Vintage Black Eagle Boy Scout Shoulder


OA 419 Packanke Arrowhead vs Boy Scouts of America – Order of The Arrow


OA 239 Semialachee Flap vs. OA 370 S1 Moswetuset Merged BSA Quincy MA




So birds beat Indians in every case except the Nawakwa. Maybe that’s because the flap doesn’t have a bird on it!

By ISCA87L on May 28th, 2009 at 4:26 am

Yeah I had to check on oaimages but the cardinal is the official totem of the lodge even if that flap doesn’t feature it.

By jason on May 28th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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