Old West Shoot-Out: CSP vs. RWS

How about for fun what would happen if you did a patch showdown with the best CSPs from the last thirty days versus the best red-and-white strips. Who would be the quickest draw in the shoot-out?!


Shoot-Out #1


CSP Central Indiana TA-1 Cut Edge vs. 5 – Vintage BSA Los Angeles Alameda Calif RWS / TRS


Shoot-Out #2


Boy Scout CSP General Sullivan C T – 1A First Issue vs. BSA FT. Smith RWS and Fort Smith Ark BGS Community


Shoot-Out #3


Boy Scout CSP Adirondack Council S – 1 First Issue vs. Classic Anthracite Council Red + White R + W CSP


Shoot-Out #4


BSA CSP Great Trails Massachusetts Council S-4 Mint vs. Boy Scout RWS Community State Strips MI OK Nellis AFB


Shoot-Out #5


Boy Scout CSP Chautauqua Council S – 1 First Issue vs. Patrick AFB RWS Community Strip & 1959-60 Card- Florida




Holy Toledo! When did CSPs come back? Of course, the examples you picked are good old toughies (except maybe the Great Trails). My problem is that I’ll have the Adirondack S1 and someone wants to trade a 2006 James E. West National Executive Committee Past President BP Fellow Diamond Circle CSP that has an equivalent book value. >_<

By ISCA87L on May 21st, 2009 at 8:47 pm

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