Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 10, 2020

I bombed on the Mothers Day gift for my wife. We rearranged the room that she is using as a home office and I knew she wanted a new office chair. So I took the kids to Office Depot and they sat in every chair there and settled on a nice one. But the Sunday surprise didn’t go as planned. She wants a totally different chair than the typical office swivel design. Oh well! It’s the thought that counts.

I grew up in the same town as my camp program director so it turns out we will be about 15 minutes apart later today visiting moms. We’ve decided to get together to film a quick video in anticipation of May 15 when our council will announce plans for summer camp. After more phone calls and zooms over the weekend we have a plan to share finally!

It has taken a while but this week I finally achieved a milestone. I’ve got new auctions up and running on all 4 stores that I run. Each store has a different strategy in terms of what I’m selling there. The final one to get cranked up is the 5dollarpatchstore with 190 auctions.These auctions include some relisted neckerchiefs but also a new batch of shoulder patches.

I have Georgia OA auctions up and running on Santeeswapper. Then on the other two stores I’m selling OA flaps with new auctions starting every night. Patchsniper has 182 auctions live and OApatch has 156 flaps up for bids. There is normally a slow down over the summer months so I’m trying to get as much listed right now as possible.

I mentioned in the Friday issue that I was going live to sell on Facebook. That sale went off without a hitch Friday and I offered up 124 flaps ranging from lodges #221 to #292. You can see all of the items remaining for sale at this link



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