Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 14, 2017

Have you ever heard the phrase will work for patches? I have a rising freshman college student that wants a bunch of cloth from me for his collection but is low on cash. We are going to talk in a couple of weeks about him helping me with eBay listing remotely to see if we can really see if it’s true that someone can work for patches.

I was surprised to find a small collection in my UPS box Saturday when I was running between soccer games. My new strategy is not to let these things go in a corner but rather get them listed ASAP. If you look in the SPC Facebook Group you can find where I scanned in those patches the same day and posted them for sale.

I got an email from the leader of ISCA saying the new OA guide was open for business – then talked to a major editor who said it’s all a mess. After 10+ years of waiting for an updated OA catalog I hope that ISCA can finally come out of the 5 years it’s been working on this project with a viable guide for the hobby. Not pointing fingers but here we sit like birds in the wilderness is how I feel about it.

There is still time to catch the big sale I’m running on OA in my eBay store this weekend. I’ve found over the years that sometimes running a sale is the best way to drive business to my store and turn over some inventory and eBay makes that an easy card to play.





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