Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 30, 2021


Tomorrow I will publish my next podcast. This is an interview with Bob Sherman on the newest version of the Camp Book. He shares all the details about the latest update to that project. You can find all episodes of the podcast on my website.
Matt Delk has a cool idea for a talk he wants to do during our Tuesday night event at camp – a pop up Scout museum. He is has figured out that Scouts really like knives so he is developing a talk about blades. It’s going to have lots of show and tell aspects, run about 20 minutes and include his military officer’s sword. He joked with me that afterwards kids would run to the trading post to buy some knives from Charles our TP manager.
Back at the 2014 Dixie Fellowship we did different sessions in our museum display that were well received. I am hoping to bring that concept back with our twilight activity. Maybe I can get Darrin Thomas to come do a session on segregated Scout camps of which he has a huge collection (hint hint).
Do you know of a camp that does anything similar during the week that the Scouts are there? I know some camps have a museum and that’s a lot easier to facilitate. We don’t have one so it’s harder to use the captive audience effect to teach the Scouts about the long history of our movement.
This week my family is vacationing at Fripp Island way down in the lowcountry of SC. After I hit publish on this newsletter we have an appointment with the beach! I hope you are having a good holiday weekend too!



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