Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 23, 2017

Monday I spent the better part of the day working in my antique mall booth. Then the darndest thing happened. Two teenage girls spent about an hour in my booth giggling and going through the shirts and dollar patches. Eventually both picked out vintage green shirts and a handful of patches and I asked them what they planned to do? They replied they were going to sew the patches on the back and wear the shirts. I don’t know what kinda crazy spirit day that would be for but I imagine with the high school year drawing to a close there must be a dress up day where they are going to pretend to be vintage Boy Scouts for a day. Go figure!

While at the antique mall booth I had two other deals go down. One was a Facebook group purchase where the Scouter brought me the goods to save on shipping. Thank you Brian! The other was a random guy living in Charlotte who did his Scouting in upstate NY. He is remarrying and downsizing and had a few boxes of stuff to sell so we did a deal in the parking lot.

One of the unique things I’m trying to sell in my booth this go around is neckerchief slides. I attached to a wall a rack that holds 75+ slides. These are the kinda of 3D items that are hard to mail and I just assume sell them in person. A few might walk off but overall its better than them sitting in my basement for years.

Tonight I’ve got some really neat pieces ending at auction including some that never recorded a sale on OAimages or Patchtrends. I’m getting a little excited because the last minute sniping I saw Monday night leads me to think there are more than a few collectors interested in these rare KY OA pieces.





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