Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 31, 2016


My hired help for the unpacking was Danny Ryan who most collectors down South will know pretty well. Among the conversations we had was about collecting the Summit. Danny served on staff the first two summers that it was a high adventure summer camp (2014-15) and he has a collection started on this. I told him that I don’t think anybody has really put up a resource on the web for that new collecting area. I hope with his help to get something published later this summer on that topic.

Does anybody have a model for this idea? Rick Horne and I both live in the Charlotte area (he is just across the border in Ft. Mill, SC) and we kicked around the idea of starting a sort of supper club for all the patch guys in the area. I know there is a “Meet Up” app that people use to arrange these sorta things. But I’m wondering if anybody has done something successfully to bring the fellowship piece together that is sometimes missing from the hobby. At TORs everybody is too busy to really sit down and share stories or knowledge and we thought this might be an idea that would work.

My wife has an idea for how I can move some of that uHaul load out of the house. She has a lead for me on an antique mall booth in this area. I told her that I could easily stock the shelves with books, patches and BSA “stuff” so we will see. I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or was serious. So far I’m keeping the other two booths mostly because I don’t have anywhere to put all that inventory. Could there be a third booth for me to post on www.SanteeswapperStore.com? If anybody has some recommendations that know the area shoot me an email.

I went to Home Depot last night to get some ideas on storage and shelving. Sure enough as I wore a Boy Scout t-shirt the guy helping me had been to Philmont and Sea Base while growing up in Virginia. It’s a great fraternity that we belong to and I’m proud to be part of it.





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