Amazing 1950’s Boy Scout Collection Unboxing from Mississippi Including Philmont, NOAC, Jamboree

I got a call from a former Scouter who was about to move and needed to downsize. When we got to talking about his Scouting history it was an amazing journey. Before he graduated high school this guy had been to the National Leadership Training at Philmont (36 days total), attended the 1957 National Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge and the 1958 National Order of the Arrow Conference in Kansas. At the time of our call I didn’t think he had gotten back involved with the program. But AFTER the unboxing I called him back because I found some items that were more modern. Sure enough while living in the Houston area he got recruited to come back and help as a leader for a few years.

It’s not very often that I get a collection from a deep south state which was cool for me living in North Carolina. His patch vest had a mixture of his childhood items and some from that time period where he got back involved.




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