Eagle Scout Medal: A Rare Hot Pick of the Month

This T.H. Foley Eagle Scout Medal – THF (s1-p0) 1912-1915 is the hottest item sold this month of May. There is some question as to whether the one that sold on eBay recently was actually an authentic T.H. Foley. However the bidder purchased this item for only $2740 with 15 bids so it was pretty nice regardless. Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

The first Eagle Scout medals were made by T.H. Foley Company. They produced the medals from 1912 until 1915 before they went out of business. It is the first type of award given and only 338 of these medals were issued, making them the rarest version. It is said to be the most desired of all issued Eagle types. The composition of the pendant and scroll is bronze washed in silver. The Eagle Scout Medal can bring about $10,000 or more.

The second in the top list is the Vintage Boy Scout Eagle Award Badge-Dieges & Clust-Sterling. Basing the designs from T.H. Foley, these medals were produced in 1916-1920 by Dieges & Clust. It also has the distinguishing extra-long double knot hanging from the scroll. There were 1,640 of this variety awarded, all made of sterling silver. Item was sold at $1676 with 15 bids.

The third top item is the Vintage 60’s Boy Scout Olive Green Shirt BSA Uniform With Vintage Patches. The key items on this uniform that pushed it into rare company as a $1k+ item was the pair of pieces from the old Anthracite Council in Hazelton, PA. The red and white shoulder strip (RWS) and Order of the Arrow (OA) First Flap from Lodge 316 Quekolis are nice. This council/lodge merged in the late 1960s. This item was sold at $1477.52 with four bids.

Check out the remaining BSA bestselling items that are ranked accordingly:


Item Title – Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids Rank
OA Lodge 378 Gila P1B Dance Team On N/C 1 #10
Hudson Valley CSP collection – FOS + Specials CSP OA Boy Scout Vintage New York 13 #9
Boy Scout 138 Daw-Zu S1a first flap H-6584S 1 #8
OA – Lodge 330 Kotso – F1 – First Flap – Texas – Chisholm Trail Council – FF 2 #7
Boy Scout OA 378 Gila F1b flap 6838U 1 #6
Boy Scout OA 378 Gila flap 3359X 1 #5
Vintage 60’s Boy Scout Olive Green Shirt BSA Uniform With Vintage Patches 14 #4
Vintage Boy Scout Eagle Award Badge-Dieges & Clust-Sterling 15 #3
1960’s United Kingdom/British SCOUTS AIR SCOUT WING, AIRMAN & FLASH Badge 1 #2
T.H. Foley Eagle Scout Medal – THF(s1-p0) 1912-1915 Super Rare Museum BSA 15 #1




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