Extinction Day For Top Rated Sellers


I have blogged and even talked on my radio show about how doomsday was coming for those of us who are active sellers on eBay and have been enjoying the benefits of being a Top Rated Seller. Listen to this episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio if you want to hear the full story.

Listen to “#27: How To Sell Your Boy Scout Patches” on Spreaker.

Here is the message I got from eBay today.


This is not a death penalty for sellers but does mean they will lose the generous 20% discount that Top-rated sellers enjoyed. I suspect that ALL sellers in the Boy Scout category will lose their Top-rated status this summer.




What does that mean exactly? You have to pay for USPS tracking service and log the tracking number into eBay?

By ISCA87L on June 27th, 2012 at 3:31 am

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