Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 05, 2020

Today I have 52 pounds of Scouting collectibles arriving in 3 boxes. If I am able to go get it this morning from my UPS store I’ll try and film an unboxing video. This is a collection that I’ve seen a few pictures of but I don’t really know what all is in there. Hopefully it won’t be 20 pounds worth of canteens and mess kits!

In the unboxing video posted below you will see some items from Indiana and my home lode in South Carolina. I posted these items to Facebook and have already “rehomed” some of them. If you see anything you are interested in send me an email.

My 136 military patch and pin auctions end tonight on eBay. I started the bidding at $4.95 and so far the sell through rate looks to be 60% which is much higher than my Boy Scout listings. This is the first time I have ever gotten in some military stuff with a collection but it’s doing really well so I’ll start asking about it when I talk to families.

I have auctions scheduled to launch every day this month on 3 of my eBay accounts. On $5dollarpatchstore I am cycling through a huge stash of CSPs and have 174 live auctions. On patchsniper I’ve achieved my own balance of 25 auctions starting and ending every night. So that I’ve got 125 auctions live now and that should continue all month with a few extra on some nights added in. On Oapatch I am 1/2 way to my goal of having it be a 10k item anchor store. I’ve got 231 live auctions on that account. The unsold ones roll into the store as fixed price and I keep adding more every night.

If you want to see my Facebook unboxing video when it goes live just make sure you “like” my page and set to receive notifications. I don’t know much of what is in this one so it should be fun.



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