Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 05, 2020

Supposedly Facebook is opening a new service called FB Stores. As the self nominated crash test dummy for selling online I will of course try it out when that actually roles out. I don’t know how much any of us like sharing more information with FB like setting up a store, handling payments etc. But they are the biggest watering hole for our hobby so I’ll experiment.

I had a nice talk with Chris Jensen (Streamwood) this week about his infamous “black boxes”. He was very candid and told me what some of the ins and outs of trying to make something primarily for his own use but also to sell as a concept to other collectors. In the end he ordered 1000 of them and I have probably had 50 or more of them come through my hands over the years. By the way he is back to work this past week after being knocked off his feet by the bug.

With the numbers headed in the wrong direction I am very doubtful that we will be able to reschedule the Charlotte TOR for the fall as I had planned. The church that hosts the event is talking about not having in person activity resume until September. With that kind of uncertainty I can’t get a new date on the church calendar. While all this has to go through the Pack Committee (it’s unit fundraiser) look for some action on refunds for table renters in the near future.

I am going to find out just how good this shoulder strip is tonight. About a month ago I sold a mint one for about $800. Tonight I am trying to get 1/2 that as the minimum bid on a sewn example. You can see the auction and the remainder of a PA collection here. On Patchsniper I have 175 auctions running on SAPs with a couple dozen ending tonight. On my Oapatch account you can 199 auctions on flaps and 2-piece sets. On ScoutPatchHQ I am winding down my CSP auctions with 50 ending over the next 2 days before starting a whole new batch from recent collection purchases.

It’s been a long time since I have visited my antique mall booth (thanks Covid). But hopefully Tuesday I will break that streak and go out there to clean and restock for the first time since March. I am going to take some patches to refresh the dollar box and lots of uniform parts and jackets. If you have never checked it out you can see the layout and get details on my website.



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