What do you call it when a Lodge “Spoofs” a Spoof?

So I need some help with this one! I’ve been digging around on eBay checking out interesting stuff and gearing up for the NOAC. In doing so I stumbled across two examples of lodges spoofing (verb) spoof patches (noun). Huh? Ok the first example goes back to 2006 and I was unaware of it until tonight.


Check out this issue from the 2006 conference at Michigan State University.


2006 NOAC Ahoalan Nachpikin Lodge 558 Grass Dance Zach


Now check out this spoof patch that came out the summer before at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree!


2005 Jamboree “Grass” Dancer OA Flap


It gets better! For this summer we have this example.


OA Gila Lodge #378 “2009 NOAC” 4-flap Set New


And who could deny that the inspiration for this official lodge issue was this spoof set which first came out in 2004?


OA Arrow Force One Complete 4-Flap Set Ceremonial Figures




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