Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 30, 2019

Probably the funnest part about displaying merit badges is getting the Scouts to see all the discontinued merit badges and getting them thinking. I talked to them about the farming badges and how the designs have changed over the years. Even they can appreciate how Computers and Journalism merit badge have evolved over the years.

My own Scout was awarded Second Class last night along with a handful of merit badges she earned at Camp Barstow. Maybe the coolest thing is that I was also approached by the 4th Scout in my troop that wants to work on staff next summer at Barstow. They had a great time and I think they see that summer camp is a magical place when you go all in.

The person who was most interested in my merit badge display was a dad who never was a Boy Scout growing up. It sounded like he never really had a chance to be in a troop but just looking at all the opportunities to learn he was blown away. My goal was to get some of the Scouts thinking about the history that they are now part of and hopefully plant some seeds.

I am listing the items from the recent unboxing video on my website for sale. I had hoped to have all of them up but my employee has been out all week so I’m playing catch up. My wife gave me a “patch pass” to work until 5 PM tonight at the warehouse so if I can get all caught up on shipping I will get more up.

Some of you will appreciate this last story. I knew one of the dad’s in the troop had an old VW bus (which you know I’m a fan of). Last night he drove it to the COH so that I could see if for the first time. After the event was over he showed me his 1967 21-window Samba edition VW bus. For any of you who speak that language that’s the Shelby Cobra of VW buses. It’s been in his family since 1974 and it’s what he came home from the hospital in. He offered to let me ride up to a VW show in Shelby, NC with him in a few weeks and I’m begging my wife to let me tag along.



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