Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 18, 2018

If you thought Boy Scouts had an opinion just wait! I posted a comment/question in a Girl Scout leader thread and so far it has 100+ responses! This will come no surprise to those of us who are married.


The basic premise of the thread was the predicament that my daughter will be in. Her Girl Scout troop is not going to be an option for next year. We can hold out for Scouts BSA but that will be a long 6+ months of nothing. More importantly if I can’t get some of her friends to come along it’s very unlikely she would ever sign up.


So my proposition to the group was could/should I start up a new troop that is more of a “camping” troop and not a “meeting troop”. In other words skip doing the GS advancement program (journeys) that I dislike and focus on monthly camping trips. Then if the girls want to co-register in Scouts BSA in 2019 then perhaps they are more prepared and I might have an older girl nucleus.


The overwhelming response from this group of outdoors focused Girl Scout leaders was go for it. Of course some of you will say the obvious choice is Venturing but I have two problems there. I’m not sure I can get any of her friends to go that route and then what do I do in 6+ months when Scouts BSA forms up – do both?


Today I had a visit in the new warehouse from a fellow collector that I have some deals going on with. He was the first person to get to see the new space. It is definitely a work space and not a museum – so I’m not offering tours but we had some business to do so I was happy to show off the space.


I am off to Camp Barstow this weekend for camp staff training. This is our first time getting everyone together and I’m really looking forward to getting everyone in the same room. We have a lot of work to do but it feels good to kick off the 2018 camping season.



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