Monday Patch Trading Wrap-Up at the 2009 NOAC


I had some Internet connection issues yesterday so I was not able to get a fresh post. Trading is really good at the NOAC. Things have really improved at the evening trading which has now wrapped up on the official schedule. So where are the hot spots to throw down a blanket?


In and around the Student Union which houses the NOAC trading post. The trading post sits on the 2nd floor of the building and there is a lobby across the hall that is staked out every day with nice couches for those who get there early. Outside there is a nice patio and a nearby bus stop so several people line the walkway with blankets and towels to trade on.


At the Read Hall dorm. This is where the official evening trading has been Sat-Mon from 9:30-11:30. But it turns out that during the day the place stays full of traders. I was there Monday from about after lunch time til midnight with one small break. There was a constant flow of people. Many guys would stake out a comfortable spot on a chair or along the wall and trade for maybe a few hours and then roll out. Then within minutes somebody else would have taken the spot and started setting up shop. As you can imagine the big shots would get there early and set down a real spread. Monday was the first night that I didn’t attend the show and was one of those guys with my blanket stocked up ready for the wave of traders after the show.


Along the main roads. I have not personally traded along the roads but I have heard reports that some people are throwing down along a few of the key stretches of roads, especially the one between the arena and the heart of campus. That is where a lot of dorms are and the OA museum is down that way.


Here are some pics from the Monday night trading at Read Hall.





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