Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 23, 2020

This one started with an unusual Facebook message from a college student here in NC that was on my friends list. “do you buy oa mugs”? Now normally I would try to make that question into some kinda joke but I politely replied back “well it depends on what ya got”. So from there the story began.

Turns out a coworker had given his mom a box with about 13 1970s era coffee mugs. When he sent me the pictures I was blown away. It included an almost complete run of Dixie Fellowship mugs from 1970 – 1976. But the most intriguing mug to me was a lodge mug from my home lodge. A mug that during my last move was broken and had been a point of real aggravation for me ever since.

So I agreed to buy almost all of the mugs and some other patches he wanted to cash out on. I filmed an unboxing video (of course) knowing what was inside. I’ve never been so happy to buy a coffee mug!

Tonight I have dozens of auctions ending. These are mostly all of the camp and council activity patches from the Pacific Northwest collection I’ve been selling recently. I figured running them all together made sense. All together I have 167 live auctions with most of the rest being OA flaps.

I have been spending a little more time on my blog sites and my next goal is to step back into podcasting. I have one recorded show that I will publish next week then perhaps I can do a series of new interviews this fall. I have been keeping my head down doing a complete inventory and moving stores around but I will be 100% finished with that this week!



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