Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 26, 2020

When I get back to the office one of the first orders of business is to turn off store subscriptions on 3/4 of my accounts so they don’t renew. Before I merge everything into the Patchblanket store I am going to finish my inventory. I’ve asked my wife for permission to pull some long nighters finishing this project but she hasn’t agreed to the idea.

There will be an interesting collection for OA collectors this summer. We’ve had 2 national events (NOAC & Momentum) that have been cancelled after memorabilia was already made for it. Ironically some lodges swapped their NOAC design and made it a Momentum issue before that event was also cancelled.

Saturday I got into the office for a few hours and picked up the card stock cards that I had made on the Best Hobby Pages grey card stock. These blank cards will fit almost any page on the market and I even have some made that will bit the classic Brush Creek Trading holders. I am anal about recycling stuff and not throwing it away so I’m trying to make the 6 bankers boxes of lightly used pages on my shelf useful.

This is the last day of my 20% off sale in my signature Patchblanket eBay Store. It’s ironic that when I schedule the sale it was because I was going out of town and wanted to downsize that store. Since then I’ve totally pivoted on that idea to super size that store and close down my other accounts. What a difference a week makes.

As I am winding down my auction strategy before the big change I have 167 auctions running on Patchsniper. When I get it all moved over I will reset this strategy and run auctions starting every night on the Patchblanket store.





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