Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 03, 2021


Yesterday was the beginning of normal time for me. No more summer camp, no more family vacations, just going into the office early and cranking out some work. I got about 250 OA auctions scheduled to launch over the next few weeks. I’m also turning my attention to the mountain of boxes waiting for me as I continued to buy small collections over the summer.


I was not able to get a Hot Finds published over the weekend so I have not told you about the unboxing video I posted last week. This one is really crazy as I was buying stuff from a south Georgia picker. He had all kinds of junk but also some real jewels – some of which are going in my permanent collection.


Probably my favorite item in the collection was an early 1950s Explorer shirt that included the sash. On the shirt were the 4 Explorer rating strips that qualified the Scout to earn the Silver Award. On his sash was the Eagle medal, Silver medal and God & Country. This uniform was one of the pieces I took to Camp Barstow over the summer for my talk about the history of merit badges in the BSA.


I have 75 live auctions up on eBay this week. I’m working to launch more and get back to my daily auction strategy. This has served me well as even during the long summer at camp I was able to build my store up to 47k live items for sale.


My househould will be down to 50% capacity for about a week. My son is at his final summer camp experience of the summer and my wife has jumped on a plane this morning to go visit her best friend in New York. The only thing I have scheduled is a father/daughter date night. Sophia is willing to go watch Snake Eyes with me in the movie theater. I was a serious GI Joe kid growing up in the 80s so despite the Rotten Tomatoes score I am sure I’ll enjoy it.






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