Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 06, 2019

Speaking of videos Brad England and I have plans to catch up later this week and film a World Scout Jamboree round up episode of Thread Heads. Brad and his daughter traded at the WSJ at the beginning of the visitor period and I went up at the tail end. I can’t wait to debate the rule on no trading between adults and youth at the jamboree. 🙂

Sophia is selling all of her WSJ traders on one of my accounts. She decided to put up for auction over 100 items she traded for at the Jamboree. He room is now a WSJ shrine with towels, flags and even a Canadian map hanging on the wall. She also traded for a lot of wrist bands. She came home with a Hong Kong contingent backpack which I think will become her school backpack this year.

Sophia is a little bit of a capitalist however. I told her she could not auction her red youth participant neckerchief or participant patch despite her protests. She also would not let me hold onto any pieces she traded that I wanted for my collection. So even though in my own house there is a green visitor patch I will have to eventually get one from someone else!

I feel for the parents who are posting on Facebook that their kid lost this patch or traded another item that they want back now. It does seem strange to me that the Scouts only got 1 neckerchief and 1 patch. Maybe they were supposed to sell extras but there is some doubt as to whether that ever happened. So I guess the people who visited the Trading Post early will come out ahead. But in every class I teach on patch trading that’s lesson #1. If you go to an event buy extras of the items available because later people are going to want those.

My employee got caught up on shipping out orders for www.besthobbypages.com today. I will be back in the office Wednesday since that is the day Sophia starts school. My almost 10-year old is going to have be my shadow for a few weeks until he starts back too. Hopefully today I can get consignor checks mailed out and otherwise do some catch up.



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