Eagle Badges Gone Wild!

I’d been looking to buy a ’60’s vintage Eagle badge, (Robbins Type 4) so I’ve been watching them on eBay for some time… the average price seemed to be around $60-$80 for this Type…..


That has been a bit past my reach for some time, but business has be “ok” recently and I decided to take the plunge… but look what I’ve found… people have gone batty over Eagle badges on eBay!!


Here we have one for $76 and with a palm! the ribbon’s not in the greatest shape, but with a palm, that seems a decent eBay price..


And then within a week’s time, we have another Robbins Type 4.. no case, no palms, in great condition… but look at that price! $152!!

Now within that same week.. we have another Robbins Type 4 come up for sale.. a bit of odd tarnish, but overall in great shape– no case, no palms… but check the price there! have they lost their minds?? $255!!!!


I could see my dreams of owning a Type 4 Eagle diminish (and this is one to replace my original which was lost– long story there)… but then, same week, here comes another one on eBay… I bid and held my breath… but bidding seemed to stall at $76…. and this one is in excellent condition and has the original case (small glitch on the case)…. I logged in the last few minutes of the auction, knowing that snipers would soon show up (as they seem to any time I’m on the verge of getting a good price on a nice item).. but low and behold! it held, and i got this one for $76!


The next day, after I’d purchased the Type 4, a Type 3 was ending auction– it appears to be in very good condition, and comes with the original blue ‘coffin’ box… and sold for only $55!! cheaper than any of the less valuable Type 4’s!!


If you’re looking for an Eagle, there is currently what appears to be a Stang Type 4 (1978-80) listed and the current price is only $11.50–but it still has a few days to run, so I’m sure it will rise– hopefully will stay well under $100 though!!


There is also what appears to be a Robbins Type 3 that will close six hours from now– a little ragged, but still pretty good if the price holds at it’s current $50.95


But i still can’t get over the $152 and $255 badges… are they crazy?? I’ve seen some feeding frenzies on eBay before, but this one seems a bit extreme, considering the similar items on sale at the same time for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of these….


I’ve seen Eagle badges going back to the mid-’20’s sell for that kind of money.. .of course if you go back any further, there is a geometric increase in price!


I think the only way I’d pay over $100 for an Eagle newer than 1930 would be if it were my original badge– which I could only identify if it’s not been removed from the shadow box frame it was in!


I know eBay has some ups and downs, but these were all with 7-10 days of each other, and all over the board at that!



hiker wrote: But i still can’t get over the $152 and $255 badges… are they crazy??

Both of those bidders were noobs with only 3 wins each. And like you said, you’d pay more for your own Eagle medal so those were probably exactly what they were searching for.

By ISCA87L on September 20th, 2008 at 2:43 am

yeah.. but how do you know which one is yours?? i hate to say this… but they all look alike!

The Type 4 had that flat back on it to make it engravable, but i’ve never seen an engraved one… i don’t think national ever saw one either, which is why they switched back…

The only way i’d ever recognize mine was if it was still framed in the shadow box along with my original woodbadge beads, my scouters training award, my scouter’s key, my 5yr perfect attendance pin and a vigil pin….. and if you ever come across that shadow box and want to pick up a quick $200… let me know! 🙂

By hiker on September 20th, 2008 at 4:03 am

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