Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 21, 2018


I think it’s taken me all week to get caught up from a Hurricane Florence hangover. Despite my best efforts I have not been able to zero out my shipping all week and get completely caught up. The good news is I’ve had a string of orders for Best Hobby Pages that always take time to count and package. Hopefully when I leave the office at 2 PM today I can get everyone their stuff in the mail before the weekend.


This afternoon I’ve got an appointment to meet someone regarding a collection. This one is a bit of a mystery because I have no idea how large it is or what’s really in it. I do think it’s worth the 4 hour round trip to go give it a look and my family has excused me from the 4:30 Field Hockey game on our calendar so I can make the trip. This one might warrant an “unboxing” video because honestly I don’t know what’s there.


Saturday morning my daughter will take her first step to becoming a legit Den Chief. She has attended a pair of den meetings so far and when I asked her what she was supposed to do she replied basically “tell them to shut up”. Yeah that’s why we are both going to council organized training. I’m doing Den Leader training and she is spending 4 hours learning how to be a Den Chief. Hopefully there is more to the job than telling the Scouts to be quiet!


The other project I’ve been working on is getting all of my 2018 NOAC stuff put on the shelf and sorta out of the way. Coming home I had 350+ different issues from the event and now that’s down to a couple hundred. Many of those I will now sit on like a hen and wait for someone to come along and buy them eventually. That’s how I still have a category full of stuff from the 2015 NOAC.


I am running a 50% off sale in my store on 2017 National Jamboree issues. I’ve got about 100 different items in that category. The discount is applied to your shopping cart with the link not the strike-through sales price that you might see on eBay.


I took the TOR calendar down to I can totally rebuild it. That’s been one of my to-dos for quite a while. Hopefully next week I’ll have it totally revamped and ready.




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