My Needs List

Council Strips


Hudson Valley Council

-Anything from our council (especially FOS)


Hiawatha Seaway Council

-Anthing at all


Hudson Delaware Council

-Anything at all


Order of the Arrow


Nacha Nimat 86


-p1 (neckercheif)

-s6 (ghost) I have one but it has a coffe stain

-s7.5 (need a second)

-s31 (need a second)




I will take any trade offers of patches from Nacha Nimat 86


Skanondo 64

-Anything from this lodge


Brotherhood Camporee (Hiawatha Seaway and Loyalist Area)









-1984 (only the lighter version)







-and up except 02,05,06,07,08,09


What i have to trade


Alot from Nacha Nimat (My Lodge) and various OA flaps and council strips. Please ask.


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