re:big jim award

here’s a good candidate:

The seller obviously had no clue to what all he had there– in his description, he made no mention at all of the silver award medal, probably the most valuable item there (although he did have a separate pic of it- probably knew it was ‘something’ since it was on a ribbon) — or even the felt brotherhood sash….

but the bid he got of $787 was probably about right for what’s there, yet it didn’t even break his reserve, much less touch his $3450 ‘buy now’… he must be awful proud of that lot!!

wonder how he reached that price for the ‘buy now’???


Some people see one or two Scouting items go high and think that all scouting items will bring a small fortune. This person looks like one who puts other peoples items on eBay. The owner may have given him the Reserve and Buy it now price.


By BigJim on September 8th, 2008 at 2:05 am

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