Scouting Hot Finds Live Episode 2: Adult Opportunities At The 2023 National Jamboree

In this episode of the show you can here more from the 2023 National Jamboree Chairman Tico Perez. In this segment Tico discusses innovative ways the BSA has thrown out the old rule book about how a Jamboree is run. This includes the opportunity for ANY Scouter to attend with a troop or on staff. He shares that in this new model a leader can attend with their Scout and live the adventure. They are also looking to add another 1,000 staff members and shares how for younger staff members there is a generous discount.

During the show there will also be an unboxing of a Boy Scout collection that I got in. I will also premiere a special video that I recorded for my Patreon Group. The video is called the Inside the Warehouse feature and shows my sorting project in action.

You can enter the giveaway mentioned in this episode by going to The drawing will stay open for one week following the video.




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