Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 13, 2020



This morning I published an article on that was written by Josh Ammons of Atta Kulla Kulla lodge. Josh sent me an email offering to help share some knowledge about the issues of his lodge for the site. He penned the article and shared it with me in a MS Word file. I want to thank Josh for taking the time to educate the rest of us on AKK. If anyone else would like to do this for their lodge covered by the website I would be happy to talk to you. All this fit in with the theme I’ve been beating the drum about which is we have to make more resources for the hobby.


Monday morning I’m driving to go pick up a huge haul of stuff that I found on Facebook Marketplace. These are actually items that I can use and also sell to patch collectors. Now usually when I’m poking around on Marketplace I am looking for Scout stuff or the random VW Bus (you know I love those classics). After I pick these items up tomorrow I will post the haul on Facebook. I can’t give it away just yet since they are not in my hands.


My next sorting project is merit badges. I started this to pull some for my daughters troop. Now that I’ve gotten them all sorted on the table it’s time to keep going. In all my years of dealing MBs have just accumulated in boxes and I have never really listed them. But armed with some old price guides and some online resources I should be able to step into the merit badge game very soon.


Tonight on eBay I have nice collection of OA rubber and metal flaps. These were all part of a collection I purchased about 6 months ago. Some of these are pretty tough and the early bidding suggests there might be some fireworks when the gavel falls.


Tomorrow we start the final year of Cub Scouts with our first den meeting as an AOL 5th grade patrol. We are meeting outside at a local park rather than the church for the foreseeable future. Our pack is also having an open house trying to recruit new Scouts to join the program. These are challenging times for sure but the show goes on.




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