Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 8, 2019

The thing that makes this OA collection unique is the guy wasn’t focused on 1 particular geographic region. Instead he collected unique pieces like Elangomat, Officer, Dance Team and Ceremony Team patches. I’ve never seen or heard of such a collection and it’s impressive. The auctions start tonight!

Things went so well with my new employees first day on the job that I decided to finally get a new computer set up for her work station. I’m real bad about having old laptops (that are very slow) because I’m kinda a cheapskate. But hey who wants to spend money on equipment when that could be money to buy a need? Luckily, we have a Best Buy in my town and I got an HP desktop with plenty of speed and memory that should help her fly through listings new stuff.

This afternoon I’ve got 2 Scout commitments (on a Sunday!). First we have our Scouts BSA troop committee meeting. Then after that I have to drive to the next county over to do a Camp Barstow promotion with a troop that is thinking about coming next summer.

I am in the middle of a project to list 20+ boxes of patches to my store. These are ones that I’ve carried from Lumberton (already photographed) over 3 years ago but never touched again. Luckily I have a good system for storing pictures so these are now going live exclusively on that site. I’ve got 3 of the boxes up now and another 3 almost finished to publish.

Monday is the beginning of our Cub Scout year which for my former Den 9 means we are the King Cobra patrol of Webelos. I still need to do a little work getting my sons shirt ready but he is excited to move up to a tan.



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