Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 14, 2018


Yesterday I finally opened two small collections that I purchased during July when I was busy transitioning from Camp Director to civilian. I recorded the unboxing and have already sold some of the key pieces to collectors on Facebook. I love recycling collections back into the hobby.


One thing I try to do from every collection is keep something that I can use in a historical display. The cool piece out of this one was that the Scout went to Schiff Scout Reservation in 1968 for Youth Leader Training. He had his signed patrol flag, paperwork and memorabilia from that week in New Jersey that will make a cool frame for my display.


The other thing I am keeping from the collection is the merit badge sash, cards and Eagle medal. I’m kinda funny in that I don’t know that I’ve ever sold an Eagle medal. All the ones I’ve ever got in collections I’ve held onto. I should have a decent collection if I ever get them all lined up and use Terry Groves reference book to ID all of them.


There are still thousands of items from the 2018 NOAC up on eBay. I amazed that I’m still seeing ones now that I never saw on a blanket at the event. It’s always that way with these national events as some lodges just don’t seem to get their stuff out into circulation.


I’ve gotten some good nibbles on the vintage OA collection that I featured in the newsletter Sunday. There are still plenty of items available before I roll it all onto eBay.


Monday was a sad day for me in that I had to say goodbye to my employee Angela who has been working for me since we moved to Charlotte. She is going to home school her youngest son and so likely won’t be able to help me keep the trains running any longer. I’ve started looking for another Scout mom in the local area that needs a job during “elementary school hours” but it’s not easy to network. If you know of someone in Charlotte/Matthews let me know. Thanks!






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