Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 01, 2020

I spent several days sorting out these pages by manufacturer, size and condition. Some of these I have in a giveaway box that I will take to future Scouting events to share with youth collectors just getting started. Others I could easily use as part of my Trade-O-Ree set up in order to sell items. But what I needed was a heavy duty card so that the patches could look good in the page and give me a back-to-back way to utilize space. So I decided to manufacture my own blank cards using the familiar 110 pound grey card stock that Best Hobby Pages is known for.

I created the cards for the common pages that I had 6-pocket Scout, 6-pocket square, 4-pocket and 2-pocket. Most everything that I will put out at a TOR could fit in those sizes of pages. The other huge stash of recycled items that I wanted to use was the old Brush Creek Trading Company (now called PPS) envelopes. Since many collections in the 1990s were stored in these over the years I have accumulated maybe a thousand of each size. So going with the same idea I’ve manufactured a card that can be used in the popular 2-pocket and 3-pocket envelopes from back in the day.

I made all of these cards for my own personal use but it made sense to order them in such quantities that I could also offer them for sale on the website. The other perk was that the Blank 6-Pocket Scout Card is actually designed to fit the Best Hobby Pages 6-Pocket Scout Clear Page. This was something that I always thought made sense to offer and now it’s a reality.

All this week my auctions ending nightly are OA conclaves. I organized a half dozen boxes of these recently and am auctioning them off 25 each night on eBay. This week I also have a 125+ large group of better quality OA ending on Sunday.

As time goes on I am always on the look out to add new products or manufacture them from scratch for the hobby. If you have any fresh ideas send them over and I’ll take a look at it. Not everything is feasible because of the high cost of shipping items but that hasn’t stopped me so far from adding some new products to the mix.



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