Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 10, 2017

I enjoyed putting a little teazer in the video about a curious item traded for at the 1981 National Jamboree. Most of the readers would quickly recognize that a couple of small canisters containing some dust certainly is actually ash from Mt. Saint Helens. Some enterprising Scouts realized this would be the perfect thing to trade at the Jamboree and so they bottled up the abundant ash leftover from the famous eruption and carried them to Ft. AP Hill.

The collection I got in was full of Lodge 23 issues. There is nothing in there too exciting but the quantity of it will be fun to deal with. The Scouter attended a few NOACs based on the collection and did a little bit of trading. He was also in the Brotherhood Band which almost is like patch forensics. You could just about pin down who it was with that information.

The bad part about these collections is what do you do with all the “scout junk” that people hang onto. This guy even kept one of the 1981 Jamboree plates that is made of a light pressed cardboard. That one was in such bad shape that I confess it got filed in the trash. Now what to do with the hat pins, bolos and other odd ball pieces. Might be time for a big lot picture and a quick post to Facebook.

I have been running auctions on JSPs from 1981-1993 all this week with some ending tonight. I’ve got a podcast episode coming up with week with Scott Wheeler regarding the topic of collecting Jamboree issues.




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