Turning A Boy Scout Patch Collection Into Projects To Help Camp

This was an unusual trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement! I was contacted by an older Scouter who wanted to sell his collection to me. I get calls and emails like this all the time and that is what keeps my business running. However, this generous Scouter didn’t really need the proceeds and wanted to donate the money to a good cause. A Scout is Helpful! So after negotiating a price for the items he agreed to donate the money towards projects at Camp Barstow where I am the summer Camp Director.

I made arrangements to meet our Camp Ranger William at a Lowes that was off of the Interstate in Blythewood, SC. He had a list of many items that he needed to complete the renovation of our dining hall. These items included lumber, shelf racking for the pantry, back splash for the drink stations and exterior wood stain (that stuff if pricey!). In the video you can see our trip through Lowes purchasing these items to fulfill my obligation to turn this Scout patch collection into needed project material for camp.

Although this was unusual it’s not the first time I’ve had an older Scouter do something like this. So I’ll put the offer out there that if you find yourself in a situation where nobody in your family is going to appreciate these items down the road then consider turning them into needed materials to fund a Scout camp that is delivering the promise of Scouting adventure in the heart of South Carolina.


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