Don’t Ya Just Hate When This Happens

Here is a sob story for you from one eBay user to another. So this week I’ve got some great items up and running from Skyuka Lodge 270. These dozen or so items are from the 1970s and several are really tough to get. One of the best is a rare fellowship patch from 1976. The bicentennial Spring Fellowship patch is so good that I’ve actually sold one for $150 in the last year in a private sale. So when I put this one up on eBay I set the minimum bid for $79.99. Well I’ve got the first bid and the auction ends tonight. Here is my listing.


OA Skyuka Lodge 270 Spring Fellowship 1976 Bicentennial Palmetto Council, SC



Ok here is the point of this post. Today my standard search strings returned a brand new listing from a seller who is not from my area and has no idea what they’ve got. To see the irony in this you have to click over on this auction and look at his minimum bid! 😡


3. Boy Scout Patch Order of the Arrow Skyuka Lodge #270 WWW 1776-1976 Spring





If the true value is $80+, the snipers will push it up in the last seconds of the auction. However, with two available at the same time, you might also be saturating the market since the high payers are getting their need filled.

By ISCA87L on October 18th, 2011 at 5:36 am

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