Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 12, 2018


Today my kids will miss the 5th day of school this year thanks to our friendly neighborhood hurricanes here in the southeast. In Charlotte we only got a few inches of rain but about 32 schools in the area didn’t have power yesterday so they made the decision to close again today. Of course I count myself lucky looking at the damage that Florence and Michael have delivered to other parts of the region.


So my experiment with my daughter is up and running. I told her that instead of working hourly for dad that she could become her own entrepreneur and work for herself. With yesterday’s school closing she got several patches up for sale on a really young eBay account that I have. If you want to check out what she is selling visit her eBay listings for seller id scoutpatchHQ.


The flyer will be out next week but go ahead and save a date for the Charlotte TOR on April 5-6 2019. I didn’t want to put anything out until we had confirmation from the church but it’s on the books now.


I think I have figured out why I am not as motivated to put lots of TORs on my personal calendar. It might sound counter intuitive but the fact is now that I have all of my Scout stuff in one warehouse it’s obvious. Honestly TORs for me have never been a great opportunity to unload lots of things. What tends to happen is I end up buying lots of stuff at great prices. But when you are staring at shelves of stuff that you bought 5 years ago and havne’t done anything with it kinda takes the fun out of the hunt. However, with Best Hobby Pages getting out to meet the collectors is important and I won’t be abstaining from all shows. I just have to balance the schedule realizing that being a camp director brings a lot of meetings and promotional trips too.


I hope you decide to attend some of the great shows I have listed in the TOR calendar. Each link should pull up the PDF for the event with all the details.



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