Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 14, 2016


In August I had a nice long talk with Chris Jensen and in that conversation he brought up the idea that we should bring back the Charlotte TOR. I threw the idea out to the SM Kendal McAteer and Cubmaster Eric Hayden at Sardis Presbyterian and they loved it. We ran the flag up all the poles and got everyone signed off on the idea. The Pack that I have now joined was happy to sponsor the show as a fundraiser and things just fell into place.

It has been more than 10 years since Jeff Cook and I tried to organize a pre-Dixie TOR on a Thursday evening/Friday morning format. I had a little hand in a 1-day show that happened a few years back in Florence, SC. So the idea of helping to put on a show is a little intimidating but the Cub Pack has lots of dedicated Scouters and manpower. With Chris Jensen and myself as anchor table renters I am hopeful that we can fill the room up. I was careful to make sure there are not any OA events scheduled on that weekend for the neighboring lodges. Of course in Scouting no weekend in the spring is conflict free.

One of the real promising things about a unit sponsored event is that we are going to promote the show at round table meetings and through troop contacts in the council. In this part of Charlotte there is a church (or two) on every major corner and they’ve all got Boy Scout troops. So while nobody can promise walk-through traffic that is kinda the Holy Grail of having a successful show.

I’ve been launching 15-20 new auctions every night including a real eclectic run of 50+ year old activity patches. If you collect Explorer event patches you don’t want to miss my live auctions.







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