Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 18, 2019

Maybe the funnest thing about prepping for a campout is going through the garage and deciding what you are going to take. I am guilty of preferring car camping so I like to load up all the kitchen gadgets, lanterns and the rest. This morning before leaving the house I put some utensils in the washing machine just to make sure I was starting off the weekend sanitized.

At last nights meeting two Scouts from the troop earned Star. Having started this journey 8 months ago both have been working hard and have taken advantage of all the opportunities that Scouting has to offer. This will be the first camping trip that my daughter will be serving as ASPL so it’s a real test for her.

My sole focus today is going to be shipping. I hired a new employee about a month ago to help me get new items listed. That’s going great. But the employee I had who did shipping parted ways so that’s been on my shoulders. But it’s a good problem to have when you have enough order to fill most of a work day stuffing envelopes and packages.

Juggling eBay accounts takes up a good bit of time but my strategy of running live auctions on all of them simultaneously is paying off. You can check and see all of them have a variety of first time listings including 5dollarpatchstore, patchsniper, oapatch, and santeeswapper. Maybe one day soon eBay will come out with an unlimited plan like the cell phone companies eventually did and I can merge all these together!

I did get some new stuff in this week but I have to get over the hump of this camping trip before I can find time to play with my new toys. One of those is a new product for Best Hobby Pages and another is a nice 1970s OA collection.



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