Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 20, 2017

The house we are living in now only has a 1 car garage and this shelving system that is 5×8 pretty much consumed it. So yesterday we disassembled these shelves and moved them to the new space. We are going to reconfigure these shelves to make them fit the space (pictures coming maybe next week). The goal being that the bikes and lawnmower will now be able to go back into the garage.

The moving truck eventually was completely filled with totes of memorabilia and shelving pieces. This picture from earlier in the day includes the Cub Scout mom who also helped with the move. Maybe as part of the Charlotte TOR I can have a warehouse sale and let people have appointments to come shop the day before. 🙂 TSPA did that prior to the last Michigan State NOAC. I can’t make it quite that elaborate but just an idea.

This week I drove down to Columbia for my first Camping Committee meeting as the Camp Director at Camp Barstow. I heard a good report from our boating committee and got lots of ideas and suggestions on how to make camp even better in 2018. When one of the discussions is do we keep or sell the 27′ sailboat you know you have a fleet. We have a kick-off dinner next week that regrettably I will miss. I have personally reached out to several long time Scouting friends and solicited advice and in some cases got their verbal handshake to come work with me on camp staff.

There are 125 live auctions running in my eBay store as I continue to work through a consignment of JSPs. Today I am going to break into another consignment collection and build some auctions that will start this weekend. Typically I prefer to purchase items outright but sometimes the best solution is using my eBay store to sell it for the collector.






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