Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 21, 2018


Our pack was well represented with more than a dozen new female Cubs in attendance. They put on a pretty good skit Saturday night. One of the youngest closed our campfire by reciting the Scout Law. My daughter Sophia got to bond with some of the older girls that will be charter members of a Scouts BSA troop in 2019.


On Cub Scout camping trips you tend to have a lot of conversations drinking coffee around the fire with the other parents. One of these with a mom was compelling. Sunday morning she was remarking how her son and all the other boys had been “off electronics” for 36 hours and how happy and adventurous they seemed in the outdoors. The lament was that being in a metro city like Charlotte there really aren’t “woods” for a boy to go play in and on this trip the boys were getting to have that “free range” play that is a topic right now in parenting.


I get to switch gears tonight as I’m going to my daugther’s Girl Scout meeting at 6 PM. Sophia is determined to stick with it and earn her Gold Award. We have finally found a “camping troop” here in Charlotte and I hope that she will make some friends there.


I spent several hours Friday rearranging things in the warehouse and this afternoon (now home and showered) I’m going back out there to bring a few pieces of furniture. Essentially I need a better workspace for when there two of us there at the same time. My employee works sometimes as much as 20 hours/week so that’s frequently the case. So I’m setting up an IKEA table that I will use as a large work desk and I’ve taken out some of the temporary shelving.


I usually get to the office at 6 AM so tomorrow morning I’ll be back at it getting some new stuff listed. I’ve also got a lot of work to finish for Camp Barstow including getting our leaders guide out and polishing up the website.




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