Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 25, 2019

My big news this week is that I’ve rolled out another new product on the Best Hobby Pages website. This is a large format 11×17″ binder with a plastic shell cover. This product was popular a few years ago but the supply dried up. So I went out and sourced a large order and am now offering them on my store. Watch the video below to learn more.

One thing that got me onto the idea of offering this unique portfolio binder is that a consignment collection I’m handling included about a 1/2 dozen of them. The collector used one for each lodge he collected and he went so far as to decorate each with a home made sticker of the first flap or odd-shape from that lodge. I thought it was a cool idea and since I haven’t seen them around for a few years decided to start selling them on my website.

I am in the middle of auctioning off a bunch of Philmont items on my Five Dollar Patch Store eBay account. In addition I’ve got some region items and camp patches up for bids.

The auctions keep rolling in all my accounts! Check out OApatch for more than 150 first run OA flap auctions. On patchsniper I have a bunch of Jamboree medical staff issues up for bids and ending soon. On Santeeswapper I have over 200 first run auctions including some really nice OA from GA and other areas.

It doesn’t look like I will meet the goal of getting 10k items listed on my OApatch account before the end of the year. I am however poised to add over 1,000 new listings in the month of November which I think will be impressive if I can pull it off. I keep saying I have to sell patches unless I want to go back to teaching middle school so that is a strong motivation!



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