OA Flap & Activity Patches Climbing the Ladder

The winning bidder on the Lodge 135 activity patch used a strategy that I’ll call climbing the ladder. He started bidding on the auction during the last hour and came up against a bid that was several hundred dollars stronger then he expected. So in bids of $20 and $50 increments he kept climbing the ladder to see where he would have to be in order to come out on top. His last bid (7th all told) finally hit the mark and he won it in the last ten minutes. Not all of these top selling Order of the Arrow auctions from last week have a similar bid story but they are all worth a second look.

Item Title – Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids Image Link
OA Lodge 135 RARE Achunanchi 1964 FIRST PowWow Alabama 16
OA Lodge 161 Koo Koo Ku Hoo J1 Super Tough! 19
OA Lodge 528 F1 Arrow Right near mint 12
Twoa-Ba-Cha Lodge 514 F1 Flap Order of the Arrow Cache Valley Council 7



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