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Ok. This is a topic i have asked guys before or even asked how do you store your collection? and is it insured?


Fire proof box

Safety deposit box

Large fire proof safe

In the closet in binders

Shoe box under the bed


See the main question being asked here is just how safe is your collection and investment of scouting history and memories.


This same question is being asked on Patch-L now. How to insure your collection….and furthermore if you do have it insured have you ever made a claim against the insurance company to see how well they handle a claim???


I like many other collectors have a nice collection and have no insurance on it. A few have safes or nicer items in a safety deposit box or fire box in their home. But truthfully they only offer limited protection. Because you will still end up with ashes in an expensive box.


So here is the question i pose to you guys and am looking for solutions or advice for myself and other collectors. What is the best insurance out there? terms of use? claims paid? Is home owners better than and independant firm?


I know many of you older gentlmen should have an opinion on this topic so lets get the blanket a buzz with feedback on this topic.


Just for information purposes i am enclosing a private firm that was posted on Patch-L


Collectibles Insurance Agency, Inc.

PO Box 1200

Westminster MD 21158










when i was recently obtaining renters insurance i asked about insuring my patches. it would have been an easy process to get them insured, if i remember correctly all you do is add a rider to your policy. my agent said i would have to provide proof of value, either from price lists or and appraisal, and then it was a percentage of the value for the insurance. i didn’t follow through because i do not have a set collection and my items fluctuate quite frequently. this was with state farm insurance. hope this might help a little.

By collectorofpatches on October 9th, 2006 at 2:27 am

My biggest question is how do you value your collection??? I feel I am as knowlegeable as anyone on the patches I collect. Is this an area where we need to have ISCA certify apprasers so they have credability with the insurance companies? I am sure most of you also have an accumulation of patches in areas which is not your primary collection. This accumulation can vary by the day as you trade, buy and sell. Are we required to keep a database on all of these patches? Sounds like a paper work nightmare to me!

By BigJim on October 9th, 2006 at 1:51 pm

Hello !!!!
You can easily add it to your homeowners ins. Very similar to a jewelry rider. You do need a value. For a First Flap collection it’s relatively easy. Just copy the price guide in First Flaps in Color by Dave Thomas. For other items, try “the price of” or keep EBay reciepts ( or some sort of reciept).
Another outfit that specializes in this kind of insurance is “Collectinsure”, which I believe is They specialize in collections and if your inventory is always changing, you just have to give them an updated estimate of value every once in awhile.
Hope this helps.
Rich Price
Witauchsoman Lodge #44

By rlp3219 on October 9th, 2006 at 6:25 pm

Looking at the results of the pole it looks like I am a small fish in a big pond. I tend to stay away from the high dollar patches because I want my collecting to be fun. If I have to worry about the cost of loosing it to robbers or fire them it will no longer be fun to me.

By BigJim on October 18th, 2006 at 1:50 am

Well unlike big jim; i to used to be a minnow in the sea of patch collecting.
I originally was an accumulator and not a collector myself; then i was not active for a few years in scouting on any level. I was starting my family and luckily got my son i always dreamed of and a beautiful set of twin girls.

Anyway once i got that established i decided to take a stab back into getting caught up on what i missed in my lodge activity patches and flaps. Then onto my section conclaves, section lodges, etc…. Now i am considered a decent size fish in the pond and quite knowledgeable too. So to make matters even bigger a friend of mine put me onto the eBay scene…needless to say my collection and bank account have not been the same since.

Now i have one of the nicest collections in my lodge and a fairlly decent one in our section…other than some key super rare items.

That is how i grew out of the fish tank and was thrown into the big pond. And haven’t looked back twice. If nothing else my collection is saving history and memories. Second my son will never have the opportunities i have currentlly to obtain the pieces i am getting; ( if he pursues this madness) if he doesn’t i will have a fairly nice nest egg building for my retirement or donation to my lodge in the form of a museum.

That lead me to the post of how to store and insure these fabrics of our youth. Because i have heard horror stories of collections in the past; and wanted ideas of preserving my for future generations.

{just a quote i heard before “the landfills of America have the nicest collections in the world!”} i dont want to be a statistic you shouldn’t either.


By mopar73mopar on October 19th, 2006 at 5:50 am

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