SHF Radio #68: Antique Mall Selling Strategy for Scout Memorabilia w/Todd Kelly

SCOUTING HOT FINDS RADIO EPISODE #68When the Boy Scouts of America announced they would be building a permanent Jamboree site in the hills of West Virginia Todd Kelly started making some trips to the “Mountain State” to scope out locations for a Trade-O-Ree. One of the results of that venture was deciding to rent out a booth in two different antique malls in nearby Beckley, West Virginia. Along with his partner at the time Todd got into the business of selling Scouting collectibles at an antique mall. It’s been almost four years since he dipped his toes into this strategy and Todd is now doubling down on this idea.

Tonight on Scouting Hot Finds Radio I have the second show in a series on interesting ways that people in the hobby of Boy Scout memorabilia collecting can turn over some of their inventory and make money. Sure we all know about selling on eBay but in this series I am uncovering some of the lesser known strategies that people are using. We’ve already covered selling on consignment in Episode #67 of the podcast.

As Todd and I both have antique mall booths we cover a lot of ground in this interview. You can hear everything from what the basic financial arrangement is with the owner of the store as well as tips on what questions to ask and what to avoid. You’ll hear how “clutter” is not a four letter word in this strategy and the advantages of having a 7-day a week brick and mortar location that you don’t have to staff yourself. We also cover a tricky situation that you want to avoid and the secret formula for knowing if your antique booth is worth all the trouble and effort.

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