Should I Tell Him or Will You?

Price guides are a dangerous thing in the hands of a novice. Take for example this eBay listing below. It seems like this guy got a hold of a collection of old Boy Scout paper including mostly Boy’s Life mags and a few handbooks. Here is a line from his listing: “Valued at over $7600.00, based on the 2001 Standard Price Guide to U.S. Scouting Collectibles, by George Cuhaj”

So based on that evaluation he is giving you the bargain buy-it-now price of $5,750 or you can bid at the minimum price which is a little bit less. Oh what about shipping hundreds of heavy magazines? Yeah that will cost you about $250 according to the listing.

So how far off is he? If you want to give us your guess of the real value based on the little bit we know please feel free!

Boy’s Life Magazine Collection, Scouting Memoribilia


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