Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 02, 2022



Of all the annoying supply chain issues affecting America for me the struggle has been paper. I literally have had a very hard time sourcing the card stock paper that is used to make Best Hobby Pages. I am happy to report that as of Friday PM I am back in stock on all products especially the 1P and 2P envelopes which have been sold out thanks to not having any cards.


This weekend I was supposed to be down in south Florida attending a couple of summer camp expos. Turns out Ian had something to say about that. In fact one of the expos was to be held in Fort Myers which took the brunt of the landfall. The remnants of the hurricane did pass east of us but we just had a wet and rough day of it Friday. I got to spend Saturday at the office as I work towards creating a listing room.


Since moving into my warehouse space one of the small offices has been an oversized storage closet for Best Hobby Pages. I hope by Monday I’ll have that completely cleared out and I can turn that 8×9 office into a listing space. I can set up my scanner, photo box and have in progress projects on some shelving that I have assembled.


I have 224 live auctions on eBay with a good chunk of those ending tonight. This run includes lots of neckerchiefs, should strips in 1940s program colors and more.


Over in my Patreon Group I have been documenting behind the scenes this progress in the warehouse with a series of videos. If you would like to see that exclusive content click to check out a subscription to the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders. With the new Facebook Group for the Insiders I am not going live multiple times per week to give them a front row seat to what I have going on in the business.






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