Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 11, 2015


I logged into Facebook this morning and saw there were 86 people awaiting approval to join the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group. Before his passing Deryl Radder foretold that he saw the group growing to 10,000 members. It looks like he was right as usual.

Just for a quick history lesson Deryl created the first really successful online community for patch collectors called the Scouting Collectors Society. Some of you might even have some of the patches he made for the group. It began on June 27, 1999 and became the largest scouting collectors club in the world from 1999-2006. He eventually shut it down due to spam that was polluting the Yahoo Group that was the platform for the SCS.

About two years ago Deryl was a guest on my podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio. In the interview he shared the story of the group and it’s big Y2K online trade-o-ree. I have said many times that the Scouting Collectors Society was a big influence on my ideas for some of the online projects that I’ve tried to take on including the concept for the Facebook Group.

I mention the SCS and Deryl Radder today because that was one of the goals of my podcast was to record some of the stories and well known figures in the hobby. Deryl passed away this year but the interview with him serves as a small way to thank him for his contribution to the hobby for posterity. I have been in what they term podfade for a while now (not publishing new episodes) but I hope to continue this idea in the future since there are so many stories to share in the hobby.

I have been using a sale strategy since NOAC to highlight parts of my online store. This weekend the sale is on items in my home lodge category of Santee 116. I’ve got a 25% sale which has already resulted in some nice sales. The discount is good through the weekend.







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