Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 4, 2015


I survived the East Coast monsoon this weekend although by my count its really on about week #2 of rain over here. I can’t say the same for my favorite college football team. But the good news is that while I was listening to the radio broadcast of the play-by-play I got about 100 new patches listed in my story. You have to look on the sunny side of things some times.

Don’t you love it when a seller who doesn’t have a clue hides what could be some really good patches in the picture? The lot that is first up in this block is a great example. Click over and see if you can tell what is under those red felt 1940s troop numbers – might be something good! And don’t miss clicking on the nice 1944 Eagle Scout collection pictured below.

The Mazasha listed below was one of those flaps that was kinda legendary for me growing up. I think in my first few years of collecting somebody told me about it and I remained intrigued. A few years back at a NOAC TOR I was able to purchase the S1 and put it in my collection. I even designed a flap for my lodge using those wooden letters but it didn’t make it through the meeting when the votes were counted.

I have an interesting dilemma as a Santee 116 collector myself. We made 200 jacket patches for the Centennial and they cost something like $28 to buy fresh out of the lodge box. So it’s disappointing to see one on eBay that the seller is trending to lose money on if he can sell it. Is there just a limit to what people will pay for a newly issued patch no matter how big it is?

To lead off this email I mentioned that as the Gamecocks dropped to 2-3 on the season I got more cloth in my eBay store. My focus was on 2015 NOAC and centennial pieces and now I’ve got over 250 unique pieces in my store. You can see what is freshly launched by clicking this link to my eBay store at







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