Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 8, 2023


It’s awesome to see youth carrying their patch collections in old-school briefcases at camp. I can’t take any credit for this tradition as it’s others who set the example in the lodge. But literally, this same picture could have been taken 30+ years ago when me and my friends were slinging patches in this same dining hall.



So the eternal question….how do you build that patch trading muscle in your lodge? It might be as simple as trying to encourage the “cool kids”. From what I’ve seen in OA there is always an age gap between the high school-age teens who are the officers and the late middle school newbies. The older Arrowmen who have been to conclave (maybe a NOAC or Jamboree) tend to have the patches and are looked up to naturally by their brothers. By setting an example that this is a fun hobby (even with their throwback briefcases) they are continually planting seeds.



One person I see who exemplifies this at events is Hank Birdsong. He will dump a pile of flaps or csps on a table and just do easy 1:1 trades all day long with people young and old. Trading is the thrill of the hunt and makes the hobby exciting. Someone sitting there with stuff in glass frames showing unattainable pieces…not so much. I didn’t actually do any trading myself this time but admired the guys who were deep into it. So my hats off to those older youth who are rocking the old-school style.



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